Eugen Bratfanof – romanian surrealism


  “I paint the act of thinking”

By chance, when I was 11-12 years, I saw two paintings by Eugen Bratfanof in Tulcea, my home town. I didn’t know then what surrealism is, but I felt it and never forget.

After years, during the college, I found Eugen Bratfanof ‘s paintings in Bucharest at Galleria Dominus. At first, I couldn’t believe it … but there it was … I found out that is really the same artist who exhibited only there by many years.

Eugen Bratfanof was born in 1940 and started painting at the age of 14 years. For e few years, he was also teaching painting, but then he totally dedicated his life to his art.

He still lives in Tulcea, the small city near Delta du Danube, but he had never painted nature, he always thought that people are more interesting.

His work is beyond places and time, as the creation of any great master. His characters are uniques … dreamers, thinkers … with features increased like under a magnifier by the strength of theirs thoughts, feelings … and maybe secrets.

I let you discover Eugen Bratfanof, the first cool Romanian of this blog.



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