Ion Barladeanu – what is destiny? and what is brilliant?


The documentary trailer “The world according of Ion B.”  … written, directed and photographed by the Romanian Alexander Nanau … Winner International Emmy Award for Arts Programming 2010 … GOPO – Best Documentary 2010, Romanian National Film Award … Best Balkan Documentary, Dokufest 2010, Prizren, Kosovo … and this is how, at almost 70 years, the life of Ion Barladeanu actually begins …

Ion Barladeanu is now considered one of the best represents of Collage Art, the current invented by two titans, George Braque and Pablo Picasso. Regarding the lack of education in his past, Ion Barladeanu can be seen also as a late re-discoverer of Collage and Pop Art.

His life wasn’t easy … he had many jobs grave-digger, cutter log, guard, construction laborer … and much more drinking problems. He had made three years in jail in Ceausescu period, apparently for work on the black as grave-digger, something that deeply affected and then influenced his artistic work.

When he was discovered by Alexander Nanau, he was homeless living in a garbage chute on Calea Mosilor,Bucharest. The gallery owner, Dan Popescu, recognized the value of the collages carefully kept in three suitcases. Then the success of the movie … Ion Barladeanu started to have exhibitions … Anne de Villepoix Gallery, Paris … a picture with Angelina Jolie … everything seems to change for Ion Barladeanu.

You might say it’s simple to cut and paste magazines papers. Try it! You might say that something like Collage Art is not impressive, is not “real art”. Watch the “papers” of Ion Barladeanu, are really impressive, an artistic manifest. Ion Barladeanu was born brilliant, his art somehow kept his spirit alive during the years of suffering and then public recognition as a great artist.

Now, Ion Barladeanu is not rich as you might think after a picture with Angelina … doesn’t seem fulfilled, as any soul artist maybe … he lives in a little warm room given by Dan Popescu … resumed working of collages … and I hope we’ll find soon some more about him and his art.


Lumea vazuta de Ion B

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