Baba Lina – a part of heaven


Going to see Corbii de Piatra Monastery you find Baba Lina (old woman Lina) with her little blue house of loam brick. The little backyard begins at a huge block of rock, from which a little stream is forming a wonderfully waterfall. On the rock, the form of a giant man lain down appears … the legend speaks about a real fossilized giant that many, many years ago lived here.

In the yard, a little brook with his small loft, barrel for cabbage, fire woods … a full household. Around baba Lina’s yard, the village grows anarchic … new houses, modernizations of the old ones, all without rules, patterns … only here, in the yard of baba Lina, the time seems to rest …

Baba Lina has many children and grandchildren but she doesn’t want to go living with them, his place is here where she lived all her live, in her part of heaven, so pure and beautiful through the square of authenticity.

Saying all these might not  seem special, but when you got there you had the feeling of finding a part of everlasting Romania.

Corbii de Piatra Monastery

Corbii de Piatra Monastery (The Ravens of Rock Monastery) is one of the three churches in rock (along with Namaiesti and Cetatuia) from Arges, Romania.

It’s dated around 1512 in the time of Neagoe Basarab. With its originally painting and two shrines in byzantine style conserved, the artistic value of Corbii de Piatra Monastery is priceless … and of this is added something even more important, the spiritual value of an authentic Romanian orthodox place.

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