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Radu Mihaileanu – the director of destinies


A few years ago, I started to see “Train de vie” (“The train of life”) without knowing anything about its directing or acting. From the beginning, first five minutes, I have the feeling of something “Romanian”, then Romanian actors enter  the scene, so the feeling is confirmed.

“Train de vie”, directed by Radu Mihaileanu, is actually a production by France, Belgium, Netherlands, Israel and Romania.

A tragicomedy film having in centre the story Schlomo … a story during The Second World War … an entirely European Jewish village trying to escape the Holocaust … for that, some of them pretend to be Nazis … and from here the comedy in a tragic situation. One of the masterpiece moments of the movie … the meeting between the Jewish and Gypsies found in the same condition … a dance ensemble showing the richness of two different cultures joined through music.

And so, starting from this film, I wanted to find more about the Romanian name, Radu Mihaileanu. He is actually a French film director and screen player of Jewish origin, born in 1958 in Bucharest, Romania. In 1980, in the communist period, he left Romania going to Israel and from there in France for study at  the IDHEC cinematographic institute in Paris.

“Va, vie et deviens” (“Live and become”) was the next movie of Radu Mihaileanu I saw, a movie distinguished with the Most Popular International Film at Vancouver Festival in 2005 and with a Cesar Prize for screen in 2006. A profound film that tells the story of a Christian Ethiopian boy saved and raised by a Jewish woman, a character permanently confronted with the secrets of his origins and the pain of leaving his birth mother.

The biggest public success was achieved by Radu Mihaileanu in 2009 with “Le concert” (“The concert”). The show is placed in the prestigious Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, sustained by an orchestra composed by Jewish and Gypsy musicians conducted by a former world-famous conductor of the Bolshoi Theatre, in the back of all this the tragic story of the origins of Anne-Marie, a great violin interpret.

I won’t say much about his last comedy, “La source des Femmes” (“The Source”), you must see it!

So, go see the movies of Radu Mihaileanu, a director with Jewish origin, eastern experience, western education and maybe for that, with an amazing variety of situations in his brilliant compositions: „Trahir” (1993), “Bonjour Antoine” (1997), “Train de vie” (1998), “Les pygmees de Carlo” (2002), “Va,vie et deviens” (2005), “Le Concert” (2009), “La Source des Femmes” (2011).


Sergiu Matei – revealing the truth of Tibet


September 30, 2006

The Romanian cameraman Sergiu Matei, part of a group of climbers, recorded the murder of a Buddhist nun by Chinese guard in the Nangpa La pass between Tibet and Nepal.

The video is the first and only evidence of the reality in Tibet. It reveals a group of Tibetan refugees, including children, who came under fire from Chinese guards in their attempt to leave Tibet. Kelsang Namtso, 17 years old, was killed and a number were injured. Sergiu Matei also helped a Tibetan pilgrim to hide, gave him food and clothes.

“They shoot them like dogs”, the words of the cameraman during the recording and the images went around the world.

The movie of Sergiu Matei received an Emmy nomination. Also, Sergiu Matei was invited at the International Charity Gala “Cinema for Peace” at the Berlinale where Richard Gere was chairman for the International Campagne for Tibet.

In 2008, Sergiu Matei met Dalai Lama. “You are the Romanian that helped us?” said Dalai Lama and then he thanked to Sergiu Matei for revealing the truth.

2008: “Tibet: Murder in the Snow” – documentary based on the incident

2010: “Murder in the High Himalayas” – a book by the English journalist Jonathan Green


“The Scream” by Sebastian Cosor


I just love this Sebastian Cosor’s idea!

Edward Munch meeting Pink Floyd in the animated interpretation of Sebastian Cosor.

Two prizes at Anim’est.

A Media Pro Magic / ProTv Romania production.

“I was walking along a path with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood-red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.”

Edward Munch, 1893.

Ion Barladeanu – what is destiny? and what is brilliant?


The documentary trailer “The world according of Ion B.”  … written, directed and photographed by the Romanian Alexander Nanau … Winner International Emmy Award for Arts Programming 2010 … GOPO – Best Documentary 2010, Romanian National Film Award … Best Balkan Documentary, Dokufest 2010, Prizren, Kosovo … and this is how, at almost 70 years, the life of Ion Barladeanu actually begins …

Ion Barladeanu is now considered one of the best represents of Collage Art, the current invented by two titans, George Braque and Pablo Picasso. Regarding the lack of education in his past, Ion Barladeanu can be seen also as a late re-discoverer of Collage and Pop Art.

His life wasn’t easy … he had many jobs grave-digger, cutter log, guard, construction laborer … and much more drinking problems. He had made three years in jail in Ceausescu period, apparently for work on the black as grave-digger, something that deeply affected and then influenced his artistic work.

When he was discovered by Alexander Nanau, he was homeless living in a garbage chute on Calea Mosilor,Bucharest. The gallery owner, Dan Popescu, recognized the value of the collages carefully kept in three suitcases. Then the success of the movie … Ion Barladeanu started to have exhibitions … Anne de Villepoix Gallery, Paris … a picture with Angelina Jolie … everything seems to change for Ion Barladeanu.

You might say it’s simple to cut and paste magazines papers. Try it! You might say that something like Collage Art is not impressive, is not “real art”. Watch the “papers” of Ion Barladeanu, are really impressive, an artistic manifest. Ion Barladeanu was born brilliant, his art somehow kept his spirit alive during the years of suffering and then public recognition as a great artist.

Now, Ion Barladeanu is not rich as you might think after a picture with Angelina … doesn’t seem fulfilled, as any soul artist maybe … he lives in a little warm room given by Dan Popescu … resumed working of collages … and I hope we’ll find soon some more about him and his art.


Lumea vazuta de Ion B