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Christmas Tree


The Christmas tree is traditionally used to celebrate the winter holidays. The first Christmas trees might have been adorned in Northern European countries or in Germany, but the first documented Christmas Tree as well as the New Year celebrations seem to have been in Tallinn Estonia (1441) or Riga Latvia (1510) by the merchants “Brotherhood of Blackheads”. The first Christmas tree in a public square was in Strasbourg in 1605, it was adorned with apples and sweets.

In Romania, the first Christmas tree was adorned in 1866 by the Royal Family of Carol I, Prince of Romania (Karl Eitel of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen). The custom was therefore brought from Germany to Romania and then kept every year as this photo shows.




Romania, Great Union Day


101-years old Romanian shepherd speaking for the Great Union Day

Romania, 100 years

December 1, 1918 (November 18 Old Style)