“La blouse roumaine“ a story started by Matisse


As I said in an older post, in 1940 Henri Matisse painted “La blouse roumaine”, an innovator amazing painting that still charm, inspired by a genial manifestation in art, the traditional Romanian folk costumes.

Yves Saint Laurent

Attracted by the famous painting with the same name, Yves Saint Laurent created for autumn-winter 1981 collection, “La blouse roumaine” as homage to Henri Matisse.

Didier Grumbach, Dean at the French Institute of Fashion, said that for his Romanian collection, Yves Saint Laurent “had inspired from something that he loved most”, the models had also skirts stylized after the Romanian folk “fota” and the hair caught like the girls in the Romanian Villages.

The creation “La blouse romaine” remains one of the headlines for “the king of fashion” that is why it was one of the pieces that made the tour of museums around the world, arriving also in Romania in 2009 at The National Art Museum with the occasion of Fashion Festival “Pasarela”.

Jean Paul Gautier

Another great fashion designer, Jean Paul Gautier included in the autumn 2006 collection elements of ethnic Romanian inspiration.

Oscar de la Renta

Not once Oscar de la Renta was inspired by the “ethnic costume and the folkloric—European peasant embroidery” (Vogue). The creations inspired also by the Romanians folk costumes of Oscar de la Renta for spring 2008 were a great success. A unique collection, inspired by the peasants’ cloths but full of royalty grace to the richness of motives, the attention give to details, natural materials, handmade stitches of the Romanian folk reinvented with the genius of a great master.

Tom Ford

The spring of 2012 Tom Ford’s collection assemble elements of inspiration from Spain, South America, but also from Romania, Fagaras region more exactly. Adele posed for Vogue in this outfit by Tom Ford.

Philippe Guilet

After working for great names in the international fashion, the French designer Phillippe Guilet presented in november 2011 a collection tribute to Romania, the pays which temporally adopted him. Philippe Guilet, who was also trying to present a beautiful Romania, as he knew it after staying in Romania, was greatly appreciated by the fashion critics, an entirely favorable article being dedicated in Washington Post to his late collection.

photo: aeqai.com, analynnriley.com, flickr.com, flickriver.com, wordpress.com, blogspot.com, lablouseroumaine.ro, beautyiswithin.net, francetv.fr


The Romanian traditional folk costumes – source of inspiration (March 7, 2012)

Queen Mary of Romania – the first promoter of the Romanian folk costumes (April 25, 2012)

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